Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Being a child care provider is the joy of my life, but there are trying times with both kids and parents.  I am willing to be fairly flexable with to parents schedules.  Unlike a normal daycare both private or government run, many are only opened for certain times, I am willing to open early and stay open late if need be.  There is even times when I am willing to work weekends.  But with this I kinda expect a little appreciation and maybe a thank you from the parents.  Is this wrong of me?  I don't feel so.  I have one set of parents that are so good with their appreciation, with them being younger parents and not many child care providers around that are so happy that I am here for them and am willing to help them out.  But on the other hand I also have some that tell me when there child will be here and when they will pick them up, and not really ask if its OK with me even if they are really early mornings or really late nights.  This is when I would like to say no, it kinda hurts that I bend over backwards for these children and parents and don't even get a thank you out of it.  I have my own family that also needs me and when I am always looking after other children they don't get alot of just family time.  My children are and have been really understanding with all of this but at the same time I feel bad for them too.  I am not one to say no to parents, because I have been in there situations myself, with having to find a sitter when I was working.  Its not an easy thing.  I run my daycare the way I wanted the ones to be run when I had my own children in them.  I only ever found one amazing child care provider that went above and beyond what alot of others do.  I was so thankful for her, and  that is what I try to do to.  I don't have alot of children in my care at one time, because I feel each children needs so much attention and they are fairly young so trying to teach them things at the same time its all that easy if you have to many in your care. 

All I am really wanting is a thank you once in a while.  Is it that hard? Or am I just thinking wrong?  I am thankful for those who do say thank you and who care that I bend over backwards for them.  At the same time, there is times I don't want to do the extra mile for others whom don't really care that I go over and beyond for them.

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