Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Positive and Playful Parenting

OK, so I have been receiving some great "share it forward" e-mails from one of the community child educator programs that is around good old Saskatchewan.  I keep meaning to post them and "share them forward" for all of you too but it just keeps getting set to the side..... So finally here is one.  I find alot of theses quick messages to have some great tips and even ideas on what to do with your children and family often.

Positive Parenting is simple steps that can make parenting fun and easy.

Everyone no matter the age learns and grows better in a positive environment.  If you praise instead of criticizing there will be no resentment. Think about how you would feel if your boss continually pointed out all your mistakes and never praised you. Criticism breeds resentment, causes others to justify their behavior, wounds the others sense of importance, and destroys the person’s sense of pride, even children. 

Think about the flip side, when your boss praises you how to you feel?

Praise your child for what they do well not what they didn’t do right. This will leave your child feeling happy. Children like everyone else, likes to feel valued. Children will continue the praised behaviour. Use positive parenting to raise your child in the best environment possible.

§ Praise and encourage appropriate behaviour.
§ Show affection for your child.
§ Recognize her accomplishments

Children learn best through play.
Playful parenting understands the importance of play in a child’s life. Playful parenting is an effective way to learn more about what your child is really feeling. Children tend to open up when things are more relaxed and things are easy going. Positive interactions are more likely to leave a lasting impression of trust and belief in you as a parent. Remember that you’re always building a relationship, if you use positive parenting, this will keep the pathways to communication open. If your child trusts and is comfortable, your child will always come to you when there is a problem and it will be easier for you to engage your child in conversation.

Interactions between parents and children are important for laying the foundations for the child’s social and emotional development. Becoming a playful parent will provide the right emotional setting for you and your child to bond with each other gracefully. Playing can be a way to identify with your child. Think about how you felt when your parents played a game with you? Did this leave a lasting impression for you? How did you feel towards you parents, more open, more positive, and more relaxed? Remember this when you play with your child. You are not only bonding but creating lasting memories.
Do fun things together as a family, such as:
§ Playing games
§ Reading
§ Going to community events

* thank you to the team that puts Share it Forward together!

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