Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

Rain, Rain go away... come back another day.  Or as for our signing on Friday: Rain, Rain go away... come back NEVER!  We are all tired of the rain and water around our area right now.  We can't seem to get anything done outside that needs to be done.  Whether it be cleaning up the yard (aka dandelions), plating a garden (if its not under water), the farmers getting out into the field to seed their crops, or the main thing all kids want..... go outside to play.  Every time it is just about dry to an extent, it seems to rain again!  So, Friday like usual it was RAINING outside and while I was tiding up our morning snack I hear the two girls in the living room signing the "Rain, Rain go away... Come back never".  I thought it was pretty cute when they are only 3 and 4 years old.  They are just itching to get outside and burn off some of this extra energy they seem to have.  And I know all the mom's and dad's around here are kinda wanting the same thing, these children have been couped up inside all winter and now its getting on the the beginning of June and they still seemed to be stuck inside most days. 

So, now my task was how to entertain these little gaffers on this rainy day.  Well what better thing to do then bake!!! Yeppers, I thought it was a great idea too.  So I ask the little ladies what kinda cookies they wanted to baked today and what do you think they said?!?! Ya I should have known that answer before I asked too.... chocolate chip cookies of course.  So that's what we did for the rest of the morning was bake 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Now I am guessing that it was probably suppose to be 12 dozen but by the time you take into count the amount of flour that ended up on the counter instead of the mixing bowl and um those little fingers always seemed to be in the mixing bowl and then the mouth.... I am guessing that's were my other 2 dozen cookies ended up?!?!

As for the cooked ones... they didn't seem to last all that long either.  The kids wanted them for lunch, afternoon snack, dessert, and of course I sent some home with the kids too.  We have to have send enough for every brother and or sister and usually mom and dad too.  So it is now Sunday night here and I have 5 cookies left..... I guess we might have to make some more this week!

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