Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As we celebrated a birthday in the daycare yesterday I had decorated the house a bit with a "Happy Birthday" banner and balloons.  We had cupcakes ready for after lunch and a few games to play.  Well once the kidlets all got here.... all plans went out the window. And down come the balloons.  Kids love balloons, well most do!  It was to my surprise that young ones have a great imagination even with only a simple balloon.  I have seen this imagination with boxes, in the sand box, and of course with toys, but this is the first time I have seen children have so much with such a simple item. 

At first they started off playing with their balloons, as usual kids do.  Tossing them around, keep off the floor, catch......

But after a while I noticed them playing house, at first I thought it was with the dolls, but was I wrong when I went to check on them in the bedroom.  There they were, blankets folded down on the bed slightly and there "babies" sleeping.  Yep that's right the "babies" where their balloons.  Each one had its own name too.  Two asleep in the bed one sitting in the chair reading a book.  It was all to cute listening and hear them play.  The children made lunch for the "babies", walked them in the strollers, hugged and kissed the boob-boos if they fell.  Not to long later they came out of the room wanting more balloons.  One, because 2 popped on them, two because they needed "dogs".  While I was blowing up some more for the kids, my daughter goes digging through the drawer for the dogs leashes.  Attaches them to the tried end of the balloons and off they go again.  So now not only do they have "babies' but also "dogs". 

It just amazed me that children, ages 4 (the birthday girl!) and 2 can mimic and play out something so amazing.  With such a basic decoration.  I ended up putting off the games and crafts for the day, because they were in their own little world, having a blast together.  For a first day in a long time, we had no fighting, whining, or crying.  It was a great day all around for the kids and for me.  I enjoyed myself watching them and even giggled a little at the things they would say.

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