Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chicken Week Days 2 and 3

Sorry I didn't get yesterday craft posted, I ran out of time before my day came to an end!  So I will make both yesterdays and today's in one post. 

So we have done a few more crafts along with reading some chicken/duck stories and coloring another picture.

For the next stage in the chickens life we colored:

Chickens in a nest can be found at

As for crafts we made chicks that hatch and form chicken pictures.

Chicks that Hatch

What you need:

Plastic Eggs (you can usually find these around Easter time in stores, they open up and you can fill them with candy or little gifts)
Large yellow pom poms (two for each child)
googly eyes
orange foam or construction paper
white glue

What to do:
  1. Place a decent amount of white glue in the bottom portion of the egg
  2. Stick a yellow pom pom into it
  3. Then glue the second pom pom on top of the first one
  4. Glue your eyes and beak on to the top pom pom 
Once they are dry you can then show the children how the egg hatches!!  My little ones had fun showing me how they can hatch their eggs all by themselves.

Foam Chickens

What you need:
Yellow foam
Red Foam
Orange Foam
Googly Eyes

What you do:
  1. Draw the shape of a large egg for the body of yellow foam
  2. Draw the shape of two wings on yellow foam
  3. Draw feet and beaks on the orange foam
  4. Draw the head piece of a chicken on the red foam
  5. Let the children cut the shapes out (if they aren't old enough to cut you might have to do this part too!)
  6. Glue pieces together to make the chicken 
  7. Add eyes 

I had the older children look through the book shelf to see if they could pick out the chicken books.
Here's what they came back with.... (I know they are not about chickens but they were pretty darn close, so we read them anyways). 

Book 1:
The Ugly Duckling
From the Series "Baby Bear's Read Along"

Book 2:
Duck Duck Moose
Written by Dave Horowitz

I tried to explain to the children the difference between ducks and chickens, now I am not to sure if the younger one know the difference yet or not......  But I am still happy they found "bird" books by themselves.

Take a look at additional pictures at: Ducky's Photos

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