Friday, March 4, 2011

Lion or Lamb

So the old saying goes.....

Well I sure hope this stands true, the kids and I are tired of winter already.  We have hardly been able to go outside, between the ugly weather and all the colds we seem to be passing around.

March 1st surely came in like a lion here is Saskatchewan, with a temperature of -39 Celsius with the windchill.  So none the less we stayed inside again and did some crafts for this fun little saying.  Now lets hope it starts to change over the the lamb real soon, so we can go outside for a while during the day.

We made LAMBS and LIONS.

What you need:
cotton balls
scrap paper (pink, black, orange, brown, yellow)
Black marker
paper plates
brown or black pipe cleaners
googly eyes

What you do:
  1. Cut the yellow, brown, and orange paper in the small strips about 2" to 3" in length
  2. glue strips of colour paper around the outside edge of one of the paper plates
  3. add folded pipe cleaners to the sides of the face for whiskers
  4. add eyes and a black triangle to the middle for a nose
  5. We then added a mouth with a black marker and a few dots for details for the whiskers


  1. glue cotton balls around the outside edge of a paper plate
  2. add googly eyes and a pink triangle to the center of the plate for a nose
  3. we then drew on a mouth with a black marker
  4. if you have extra paper laying around you can make a bow and glue it on to the top of the lambs head too, if you would like.

A fun easy project to do with children.  And each day they can look outside and change the face of the animal to how the weather is.  So if its cold and ugly out, its a lion day and if its nice and warm its a lamb day.

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