Friday, November 12, 2010

Cautions on Buying Cheap

With Christmas just around the corner many people are starting to think about gifts for others.  Well, there are some items that you should be aware of when buying from "dollar stores".  I know many, myself included that like to shop at "dollar stores"  because you can get more for your buck.  Although when it comes to your child(ren) you should be aware of some things when you purchase items at a cheap price.  I never really thought about some of these things before, I have even bought my children some things from these stores, that I now wish I shouldn't have and will surely be aware of how my children will be playing or using some of these purchases.  Please don't be discouraged to buy items from "dollar stores"  as I still will  be a huge fan of them, just remember some of the following information when making your purchases.

All items
Warning Signs: 1~ no manufacturer information
                       2~ packaging doesn't come in both English and french (which is mandatory in Canada)
                       3~ spelling mistakes on the packages or instructions
Potential Hazards: No recourse if something goes wrong with the product

Electrical (power cords, extension cords, switches, light bulbs, etc.)
Warning Signs: no certification mark- or a false/fake mark
Potential Hazards: product could cause shock
                           fire hazard

Health products, medications, vitamins
Warning Signs: the item does not contain an 8 digit DIN (drug identification number)
Potential Hazards: 1~ products with the wrong ingredients or dangerous additives
                           2 ~ products past their expiry dates
                           3 ~ products may contain no active ingredients; active ingredients may not be listed or are listed incorrectly

Kids Toys and Jewellery
Warning Signs:  items made with a high percentage of lead are typically heavy for their size.  Unless coated, they may leave a gray mark when rubbed on a piece of white paper.
Potential Hazards: 1~ lead is toxic if ingested by children
                           2 ~ cadmium, often used instead of lead is carcinogenic if sucked on or swallowed
Any toys with electrical components could potentially start a fire and those are the ones that need to be used safely. It might seem like the burn hazard would be associated with the fire hazard, well it is. Obviously you could get burns if a toy started on fire, but you could also get burn from touching a surface on the toy that has gotten really hot, usually from a battery or needing to be plugged in.

Now please remember that these hazards are not always going to happen with an item you have purchased but if you do decide to buy something for your child(ren) from a "dollar store" just be cautious.

*Some information was taken from an article out of Reader's Digest

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