Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Photos

This past Saturday I had a family member take our family photos for us.  Wow, its such a worry for me!  I am a perfectionist in some ways and when I want something done or plan something I worry or don't like when things don't turn out right.  I was so worried taking our 3 children somewhere to get their pictures taken, I wasn't sure it they would behave, if they would smile, cry, be grumpy.  Man I had every situation go through my head and how I would try to deal with it, if it did happen.  We lucked out and the kids were pretty good, my daughter sometimes has a mind of her own and she didn't want to do one of the suggested photo shoots but hey we moved on and I didn't make a big deal over it.  I tried to get her to smell a flower and she just wouldn't, normally I would get upset because its something that should be done and she wouldn't do it.  This time I took a deep breath and we just went on to a new pose and all was fine.  I was prepared for all too (except the good old hair brush! Darn it!).  I packed the lint roller, make up, tide pen, milk and water for the kids, toys, a blanket and even extra shoes.  When you have three kids and all who seem to make a mess with themselves even if they don't have something to eat, I was going prepared and nothing was going to stop these pictures from being taken.  After all said and done I didn't need anything but the blanket really. 

I think its great to have photos done every couple of years at least.  It updates everyone on the growth of your children, its great gifts and will you can't forget the treasure memories!  I like photos that are more natural and not just a still pose with a boring back ground or fake one.  Sure those were nice in the good old days but there are so many talented people out there that take amazing pictures and its nice to see people in a more relaxed setting.  At least this is what I find looks the best, there is nothing wrong with those that go to the well known photo shops and get their pictures taken, some of them turn out great too.  This is my view and I so wish I could take great photo's of my own, as I love pictures of kids and even adults at play.  One day maybe I will take a course or something, but my plate is just a little to full.

So just remember if you decide to take a family or just your child's photo that they are kids.  They might not what that picture taken or do what they should be doing.  Don't stress over it try something else or another time.  You can't make them do it if they don't want to, because it wont turn out or when you look at that photo afterwards it just might break your heart to know how hard it was to get that little smile out of your loved one. 

credit to Angela Klaassen

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  1. Had a great time doing your photo's Ashley! Moreso editing them haha. Hope everything goes well in your new business! Love your blog!