Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick messag.e to start it off

Well, I have decided to blog about my life as a child care provider.  The activities, joys, troubles, adventures, and happy times we have through out the week.  Along with my own blog about what we have been doing, I am also thinking of blogging about common topics that come up as one looks after a child (ren).  Tips, hints, and do's and don'ts for child behavior, growth milestones, and activities that can or will be done.  I am no doctor, teacher, nor have I taken any special schooling for most of what I will blog about.  I am just a mother of three and like to do my research on life and fun activities.  I will not be held responsible for anything that you try and might not work out right.  I love children and they sure can be trying at times, but that's the joy of life.  I wouldn't change my life for anything, when I was younger, I didn't want children and now I have three bundles of joy and its amazing!  So I hope you enjoy reading along with some of the adventures we take here in the life of Ducky's. 

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