Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So we wrapped up our Valentines' week with a fun filled day (yesterday).  These kids wore me out so much, I was just to tired to blog about our activities last night!

The first batch of sugar cookies I made just didn't turn out at all, the dough was way to crumbly and I couldn't roll it out to cut our heart shapes.  So first in the morning the 2 kids and I made our dough and put it in the fridge to set.  While the dough was setting we did a few crafts.  First was the Butterfly pencil toppers and then the stained glass hearts made of crayons. The kids were totally amazed at how the hearts turned out after ironing them and watching them melt.  It was a fun time that's for sure.  We then followed our craft session with finishing off the cookies.  I rolled some dough out gave the children heart shaped cookie cutters and let them go to town.  Once there was no room left for more hearts I placed those ones on cookie sheets to bake and then redid the mentioned steps again.  I am pretty sure I rolled that dough out a good 7 times, and finally I thought that's enough for now.  We cleaned up and the kids watched some Valentine's shows on TV and played for a while, while I whipped out a quick lunch for them.  I decided for Valentines' Day we would have heart shaped sandwiches and yet again it was a big hit, as they were something a little different then a normal square sandwich.  We rounded off lunch time with a Valentines' Story and then quiet time, to my amazement both kids fell asleep too, I must have wore them out.  After our quiet time they got to ice the sugar cookies and have a few for their PM Snack. 

I must say it was a busy day but we all had a blast!  

Our book we read was 
Clifford's Valentine's Day by Norman Bridwell

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