Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Day

Snow Day, not the kind that the children miss school because of ugly weather and are stuck inside making all parents crazy.  Today was an outside day!! YEAH, seems how its been so darn cold out or windy out that I don't like to take the kids outside often and with my little one having a small circulation problem, he gets cold really fast and it takes him along time to warm up again, we haven't made our way outside a whole lot this winter.  But today was sooooo nice, I couldn't pass on it.  I layed the little one down for a nap, turned on the baby monitor and then the rest of us headed outside to play in that white fluffy stuff (well actually it hard right now, from being packed from the wind we have had the last week!).  

I was trying to think of something fun for the kids to do outside and then it came to me, we will snow paint!  Yeppers it was something new for all of them and they though it was amazing to change the color of snow.  With a little searching around my home I was able to find 3 empty spray bottles.  I rinsed them out, filled them with water and added some food coloring. And there ya go, snow paint!

We also dug snow "seats" as the kids were calling them, and yes I did have to sit in them too (for you knowledge, I do not have ski pants!!).  We went tobogganing and just ran around the yard, climbed as many hills as we could find and crawled in the snow.  No I did not crawl in the snow, sitting in their seats was more then enough for me.  Once we got inside after about a good 2 hours outside, I made them some hot chocolate and they watched a little bit of TV while I got some lunch going for them.  After playing so hard outside I thought maybe they would sleep today at quiet time, but with no luck only 1 out of 4 slept.  So we decided to start coloring pictures instead.  All in all, I sure hope we continue to have this nice weather so we can keep playing outside!

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